01 June 2010

Onward ho

Where am I goin'?  I don't know.
Where am I headin'? I ain't certain,
All I know is I am on my way...
 from "I'm on My Way" : Paint Your Wagon

Backs packed.  Last emails (for now) sent.  Stepping on the plan in 20 minutes.

One of my friends asked me yesterday what my hopes are for the summer.  What a quality question.  After this hectic semester, I need some time to contemplate and pray about various things that have been going on.  There are ordinary goals for the summer, like reading as many books as possible, keeping up this blog, writing postcards, and being able to survive in Chinese.  Then there are less tangible hopes, like building up my prayer life very intentionally and being close to God on a day to day basis, clearing my mind and life of clutter, clarifying my calling, and learning to really focus on the things that matter.  Oh, and praying for the future husband - which sounds really silly, but instead of hoping he'll come along someday, I sense it's better to pray that he'll grow closer to God, so once we meet (or if we've already met, once he comes to his senses - haha), then it'll be clear.

Yesterday I had a deep sense of ...  well, just being happy to be alive.  And ready to take on this summer.  I have some trepidations about the language barrier (and people mocking my meager attempts at Chinese, which I know will happen), but hey - I'm not in control, which is a very good thing.


  1. "Its funny how you find
    You enjoy your life
    When you're happy to be alive"

    Sounds like your going to have a great summer. If anyone gives you a hard time about your Chinese, just remind them that you speak the best language of all: American.

  2. too bad
    your poem
    is not quite
    a haiku.

    but yes, i'll try to sneak that one by them...