01 October 2015

[#invisiblefight] 30 Things

As part of Invisible Illness Week, I wanted to share a relative snapshot of my illness and a bit of what the day to day is like. I can be particularly wordy (despite being a Twitter user ... those restrictive 140 characters), so it was hard to keep my responses to a minimum. But I did my best to not write a novel! (Novel writing is a task for November...)

The meme below is a II Week and Rest Ministries initiative. I tried to answer as candidly as possible, editing my responses in some places but trying to keep what first came to mind. If I were to fill this out tomorrow, I might give a different response -- all of them true. Every question is the tip of an iceburg.

I'd encourage you to fill one out for yourself and to read others' responses. They're little windows into a life that otherwise might remain, well, invisible.