21 December 2010

Reading underground

A clip from the article's illustration, by Peter Arkle

The NYTimes publishes a whimsical and lovely way to illustrate commuters' book reviews.

Makes me truly thankful that, now that I'm on break, I can actually read for fun!  What a joyful concept, full of possibilities...  Any recommendations or favorites?

17 December 2010

MIT's seasonal greetings

 These words are the president's, but mine will follow... eventually, once I've gotten sleep.

04 December 2010

Seeing the brains behind it all

by Carl Schoonover via the NYTimes

In our FAST class, we've been talking quite a bit about neuroscience and visualizations of brain activity as of late.  Tod pointed us towards this book called Portraits of the Mind, which was recently reviewed in the NYTimes.  It is a history and collection of brain visualizations, revealing both the beauty and wonder of our own hardwiring.

Sort of makes me want to be a neuroscientist... but I'll settle for having friends who are and for thinking of installations that creatively use this imagery.