I'm Emily, the one pretending to be tall in the photo above. The guy next to me is actually tall, and I refer to him as the Tall Man (he is also my husband, which is as notable as his height).

Currently I find myself in New Jersey, USA -- a place I never thought I'd call home, but it's growing on me. I am a graduate student in architecture, dabbling in disaster resilience, recycled materials, and international development. I work on projects in Haiti, Japan, Sierra Leone, and beyond. Plus I am a co-founder of eTOPOS and member of e-Luma/Project Yele.

Nowadays I am more of an armchair traveler as I have been living with a chronic illness, although I still have that spark to discover and explore.  You'll often find me with a sketchbook, camera, or any kind of book in my hand.  Or maybe you'll find me with a spatula, as the Tall Man and I spend quite a bit of time cooking and baking for others.  I also love the written word, from blogging and short stories to letter writing (hi #postcircle and #postcrossing!).

Want to get in touch?  Email me at building.beyond.contact AT gmail DOT com
(substituting for the appropriate punctuation).

Wishing you many happy adventures,

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