Always examining construction materials _ Yele, Sierra Leone, 2012 / Photo taken by Anna Delgado


Thanks for visiting. My name is Emily. I'm an architectural and graphic designer, writer, reader, Francophile, chronic illness persister, and stationary lover. My work and studies on disaster resilient design sent me to places like Haiti, Japan, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, and France, but I've landed -- for now -- in Boston, USA.

This blog began a while back as my personal musings for friends and family, so you might come across some quirky stuff in the archives. I'm slowly working on a site redesign and streamline, so stay tuned for that.

Have a professional/academic question, a suggested book to review, or want to share your favorite type of pen? (Mine is the Muji 0.5mm black gel-ink ballpoint.) Do get in touch!

Feel free to contact me by filling out the form below, or emailing me at building.beyond.contact AT gmail DOT com (substituting for the appropriate punctuation).

Wishing you many happy adventures,

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