21 March 2016

Miscellanea, etc. / 21 Mar 2016

Inbox Zero is one goal for many in this digital age, but what about Browser Tab One? I'm terribly guilty of having a million browser tabs open in several themed windows. I cringe every time someone else uses my computer or when I have to bring it in for service. What if someone accidentally closes a tab I really needed? But then again, did I really need that webpage if I opened it several months ago and have yet to look at it? 

15 March 2016

Springing into renewed resolutions

The backyard stream and farm in January
The backyard today in March

The spring equinox is just around the corner, but it already feels like winter has long fled north. This March has been abnormally warm, with temperatures spiking up to the low 80s and barely dipping below freezing. My Bostonian bones aren't used to this early warmth, but I'm not complaining after last winter's crazy snowstorms.