15 January 2010

[bostonian #7] : MIT to food truck, or Plan B

(photo originally posted on the Clover Food Lab's website)

Some people deplore the portions, others the "weird" food selection, but I must say that the Clover food truck, located behind MIT Medical and the Kendall T stop, is one of my favorite eats in the area. So what if the line is a bit long? As you can see above, they've made a scientific chart giving customers an idea of average wait times. They were recently featured on TLC and on the MIT News website, which is a step for this young business (started just in 2008).

My friends and I have ventured over to this now-campus mainstay after studio and before classes countless times in the last semester, and it hasn't yet gotten old for us. The food truck, founded by MIT alums, focuses on freshly-made sandwiches and other delectabilities with an organic and sustainable bent. The menu varies slightly day to day, depending on available produce, but my favorites are mainstays: the chickpea fritter (aka overflowing fried falafel sandwich), rosemary fries, and hot mulled cider in the winter time.

Why love (or at least try to like) Clover:
  • It's local.
  • It's fresh.
  • It's fun(ny - the staff is entertaining along with being friendly)
  • They play good music.
  • When the weather's cold, you can virtually get their without going outside - even all the way from Building 7
  • They have fried sweet plantains at night with their expanded hours.
Clover has inspired some architecture friends and I by providing a Plan B: in case architecture doesn't work, we can open a food truck serving either dessert or a fusion of Chinese, Middle Eastern, and French foods. Now, that's sound career advice as a side dish to good fooding.

The vault madness continues

I still have a backlog of things to write about from break, but of the moment is this quintessential photo as evidence that the vault project does indeed continue, in its phase 2 of existence. See our project's official blog for more info, but I'll try to cross-post a bit to keep things up to date.

These are the Mickeys of the woodshop, posing with our first successfully-cut piece from the CNC machine. Whether or not they're proud of that title...well, maybe you can tell from their expressions.