18 June 2010

[HK 14] : Brothers from another (fruity) mother

So many good fruits here, such as the lovely bespeckled dragonfruit.  This one was particularly sweet yet far milder than its apparent cousin, the kiwi.  They actually aren't related, though - the kiwi is from a family of woody vines (which I guess explains the brown peel), while the dragonfruit is related to cacti.  One other fact: the kiwi is the official fruit of China, although you'd be more likely to assume dragonfruit or another (maybe the durian?  haha) would take that role.

Another furry guest at the table:

This was the first time trying rambutan, and actually I have to say I like longan or lichee better.  Good experience, though.  (And for some reason I associate the fruit with a SP bible study joke that I don't understand, but maybe Po-ru or Ming can enlighten me.)

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  1. Mangosteens are the best :)

  2. Ah - I haven't tried those yet!

    The last exotic fruit I had was Chinese cherries, which are actually made up of many tiny juice-filled fibers that all connect back to the pit. Not a very strong taste, but interesting texture.