02 June 2010

[HK 1] : Here we are

Yesterday :

the main drag in the ole' hometown

Today :

a very blurry and rained-out look at the HK airport, designed by Foster and Partners

The flight and arrival to Hong Kong were relatively uneventful, filled with movie watching, uncomfortable sleeping, and then carting things around from airport to my Aunt 1's (aka "Big Aunt" or "Dai Gooma" = oldest sister of my dad) place in Kowloon... and then to the service apartment in Quarry Bay (HK Island), where I'm staying for the summer.

Geography :

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I've been trying to speak mostly in Cantonese with my mom, which makes for interesting conversation since my vocab is extremely limited and I mostly know food terminology.  (Important, but still...)  We dropped by the Jusco, the supermarket in the first floor of the building, to pick up fruit.  That included this smelly guy:

... which, if you can't tell, is a chunk of our friend the durian.  I thought immediately of Marcus and Yong when we walked into the store and I smelled the heaping pile of fresh fruit about 100 ft. away.  Unfortunately, this one ended up being overripe, so it's currently stinking up our bathroom as we wait to dispose of it outside the apartment tomorrow.  (Entirely too smelly to throw away normally...and it would disturb our neighbors if we threw it away in the building.)  But at least it's socially acceptable to be buying and toting durian around in these here parts :)

currently :
  • feeling : achy and tired
  • weather : rainy and somewhat cool (which is a shocker)

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