03 June 2010

Mochi memories

This is the wrong current country, but as I was catching up with my Google Reader subscriptions, I came across a series of entries from Clotilde on the delightful French (and other) food blog, Chocolate and Zucchini, all about her trip to Japan.  She mentioned warabi mochi, and although that's not exactly what we made, my host family in Tane over Spring Break gave us the opportunity to make some right on the kitchen floor.

The finished results, filled with azuki beans (aka red bean):

These are similar to a Chinese dessert called tang yuan (or tong yun in Cantonese), also made with sticky rice flour but often in a sweet soup rather than eaten dry like mochi.  Delicious!  If I have the proper ingredients, I might try to make one or the other for my future residents in McCormick.


  1. elo! it's actually really to make mochi... it takes about 1 hr in a steamer. check out http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chi-Chi-Dango-Mochi/Detail.aspx

  2. yum! will have to try it out. when we made it (above), it was by pounding mochi rice. time consuming, but fun :)