23 June 2010

Feeling patriotic

Scenes of ecstatic jubilation on the field in Pretoria. Here in Manhattan, the sounds of cheers outside my window on the Upper West Side!

Algerian fans in tears at the stadium! Donovan embraced by his teammates! US fans dancing in the stands!
Thanks to the NYTimes commentary and the England/Slovenia game ending early, I got to watch the last few minutes of the US/Algeria game just as Donovan scored.  Such good timing!  The home team advances!  It's hilarious and nerve wracking to watch the World Cup while reading online commentaries from another match and chattering furiously with 4 friends...  all simultaneously.  And then afterwards I feel exhausted from the adrenaline.

And at least thanks to the time difference, I get to be at home and getting ready for bed as these major matches are showing.  People back in the US have to grapple with distractions like work ...  I was telling Megs that she should make some sort of screen to put around herself as she listens to matches, with a sign saying :

I would proudly make such a sign for her!

Anyways, the moment of the night:

And now for the activity of the night: sleep.

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