09 June 2010

[HK 8] : Workin' lady again

This is One Island East, a 10-12 min. walk from my apartment.  I work on the 30th floor, which is in the middle of the tower.

The elevators themselves have no buttons, which I learned the hard way on the first day of work.  I didn't realize that in the elevator lobby, you first have to punch in your floor number, and then it will tell you which elevator to line up in front of.  Once inside, the doors smoothly glide open, revealing a frosted glass, uplit interior.  Very high tech and cool, but trouble when you don't know where you're going, get off on the wrong floor, and then end up surprising the maintenance people by popping out of the fire stairwell into the back-end service area.  At least I'm not very tall so it's hard to surprise people... (unless I sneeze or use my "public" voice).

The security camera above was watching me, so I said, "smile!"

One of these days I'll work up the nerve to take a picture of the office itself.  In the meantime, bye to the office, hello to bed.

The lobby at night, as I was leaving after hours in the rain.

- - -
  • feeling : sleepy and photoshopped out for the night
  • weather : rainy and humid

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