15 June 2010

[HK 12] : Breathe, stretch, shake

When looking up information about tomorrow's dragon boat races in Stanley (Wednesday), I came across these great stretching diagrams from the racing organization, warning people to stretch adequately before trying any hefty rowing.  I especially like the bandanas depicted - so ninja-like!  (perhaps with a "hiiiii-ya!")  RMJM, my old firm, will be racing in 2 of the categories so I might see Jillian and others around the banks.

The dragon boat races are one way to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.  Another is to eat zongzi, or sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.  My mom and I will do both (or at least attempt to do the first) and enjoy a day off from work.  Ah, holidays :]

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  • feeling : ready for bed, intrigued by the parable of the shrewd manager
  • weather : hot but not unbearable

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