23 July 2009

youtube happiness

there are just some days when a video on youtube makes you tap your foot and sing a long.

(today was actually not one of those days - instead i was at an all day conference where 50 three to five letter acronyms were buzzing all around my head - but i can imagine it could've been.)

most of these videos are rooted in studioness: you're sitting there in front of your laptop, making models or putting together an animation. your butt is glued to the chair, you've been staring forever at the screen, your mouse finger twinges...
and then a friend says, "hey, check out this video!"

whoops. you're hooked.

some favorites:

"do i have your attention?" > anais with the blood arm >> so catchy

"ce jeu" > yelle >> in case i don't have your attention yet...i will now!
(this one courtesy of flo - the shoes and glasses are a riot!)

"her morning elegance" > owen lavie >> stop motion animation at its prime
(thanks to juliet and our long hours of animating...)

"oxford comma" > vampire weekend >> preppy fun music from columbia grads
(the guy in the white suit was in my creative writing class)

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