13 July 2009

artifex : the vault

the project.

our team signature - not in the vault, but in one of our projects

in the practical portion of the workshop, we worked on about 3 projects simultaneously: a dry stone wall, a more traditional single-curvature vault, and a pebble stone floor. (another project, which involved banging at a water basin to smooth out the surface, quickly faded into the background.) i worked mostly on the floor but also a bit on laying some of the tiles for the vault.

our main creative project, however, started the 2nd week of the workshop and was preceded by a series of design charrettes. there was a lot of discussion about what exactly we would be building...but eventually we settled on a vault that was the synthesis of our preliminary designs. i'll let the process speak for itself (thanks to cynthia for her dedication to shooting all those photos!):

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