02 July 2009

artifex : la casa

the arrival:

goodbye newark _ goodbye copenhagen

hola mallorca _ hola sencelles (barrio near inca)
hola casa, se llama S'Erissal
_ this house has been in the family of one of the stone masons (miguel angel) for 300+ years

the couryard of the country home, from the 2nd floor terrace

the stately dining room, where we ate breakfast graciously baked by miguel angel's mother and had our nightly dinners together.
_ it felt like la familia, all 11 of us who were staying there. gathered around, joking, translating words and ridiculous sentences from english to spanish and vice versa.
when you open the huge floor-to-ceiling wooden shutters at one end (opposite) and the terrace doors, the cross breeze is amazing.

the room that flo and i shared, pre-occupancy
_ what a sunny, lovely little place. this part of the house used to be inhabited by miguel angel's brother and family. before that, it was considered to be the feudal lord's quarters. obviously, then, this is where the women stayed. the men stayed in the farmer's quarters - ha!

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