14 July 2009

play me, i'm yours!

[photo courtesy of lukejerram.com]

this coy phrase accompanied 30 pianos strewn about london, installed by artist luke jerram and just beckoning people to play them. i don't remember how long they were out there, but the last day of installation was yesterday (the day the music died, i suppose). but youtube videos abound of performances, such as:

the 8 hour, 24 piano playing spree of joplin's maple leaf rag

a virtuoso in a young boy playing chopin's waltz in e minor

hm...if this came to boston...


  1. what an awesome idea! the world would be happier place if this were normal. :D

  2. i know! i subscribe to this list called "freecycle boston" - basically like craig's list but to advertise free stuff people want to give away. i've been seeing quite a few pianos on it lately... hm...