01 July 2009

m.arch: is it worth it?

[ photo courtesy of gradschooljournal.com ]

this blog entry in the new york times on the value of graduate education struck a chord with me. just the other day, my mom asked me the money question: is what you're doing worth it? is architecture worth it? then you ask, worth what?


in terms of professional degrees, it's definitely not medicine or law, which are said to be hefty but worth the investment because of your payback afterwards. architecture...not so much of that payback, unless you become a starchitect or someone along those lines. time and time again, especially in school, it's said that you gotta love it to do it, or else it's not worth it.

this summer it's my quest to value-add my education and my future, in figuring out what it is that i'm most particularly passionate and excited about in the field, what i want to be dedicated to. i have inklings and interests already, but not quite obsessions. (do i even want to be obsessed? studio critics say yes. i have to think about it.)

another "stay tuned."

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