18 May 2009

to infinity...and beyond!

rendered w/ the latitude of algeria...just because

so close to being done! we just had our final project review for our building tech class this morning, and now just one more to go on wednesday...

for this project, we had to design a long span roof that would cover 30,000 SF of space. no program, just pure structural integrity (hopefully). my partner mallory and i were interested in designing an unreinforced masonry dome that would act purely in compression. i have to fix the texture mapping, but that was one of the renderings of the project.

i actually like this one better, although it was just an initial study to see how the materials would look on the surfaces. obviously the scale is really out of whack...but i like anyways.

it was actually a really refreshing review and format: instead of us each presenting one at a time, we put up our boards science fair-style and had reviewers circulating around to critique us. we got 3 official critiques from various engineers and a couple non-official ones from our TAs and studio professors. all in all, it was efficiently timed and we were done in an hour and a half, which is completely unheard of in a typical design studio review.

anyways, back to the last project, which is an animation sequence for our design skills class. more later.

listening to what pandora has to offer with my noise cancelling headphones on
figure out what's going on for the summer, read about historic preservation in beijing and christian hedonism

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