28 May 2009

skimming of summer: the start!

yushiro's also exuberant about summer!
(look at that air!)

such music to my ears!

i'm currently at home for a short week - such a lovely oasis and a good buffer between the hectic runaround of the semester and the beginning of working world next week. being back in good ol' ambler brings a wash of various memories and emotions, some nostalgic, mostly comforting. this is my parents' opportunity to treat me like a kid again, and although the proud part of me still says "hey, i'm an adult!" deep down...i know you all think this...it's actually reeeally nice being pampered. what can i say? i like being at home :]

i've also really missed my (goofy) friends and the philly area at large. it's mostly the fellowship that i've found is somewhat missing up at school - not that i haven't made good friends there, too, but it's a bit different. it takes time, obviously, to build deeper relationships, so i need to be patient. but still, there's something about the candidness and heartwhelmingness (not a word...but i take license to make it up) of these goofballs that make me smile - and feel not a bit guilty when slapping them upside the head if needed (mostly the guys...and those who offend their wives...):

(L) the wife hushes the husband, (C) only allen seems to look good in this shot, and (R) sheila is actually taking a photo of the guy w/ a fro in the background, which is why the two of us in the foreground look so awkward

now we look normal! part of the old family group, kop koinonia, aka the king of blue chester group

fresh scones and happiness tea (a blend of green tea, green rooibos, and other flowery things like hibiscus) - great combo!

dianna, my tea connoisseur, taught me the right temperature and steep time for green and black tea.
i'm indebted!

ok, and not to make my cool communities in cambridge feel jealous, here's a sampling of those partners-in-crime:

hello architecture bible study @ the king and i - we made it! (minus 2 people)
too bad you can't see our lovely feast, but it was good!

me and the boys, relaxed and listening to live musica on newbury

then, over sangria, we decided to all be rockstars like kathy (the original owner of the shades)

oh fun times :D here's to more to come!
come visit me in boston!
and...so excited to find out the gender of my coming nephew/niece!!!

>> currently: listening to npr in the car (how i've missed!), driving with the windows down, still reading "a cook's tour" - a.bourdain, trying to go to bed early...earlier...., writing extraordinarily long emails

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