23 May 2009

little glimpse of the last of things

i have to go through the rest of the photos and fix them (the lighting was so yellow...gross)...and photoshop out the dead bugs that died on all my models. but coming soon, a glimpse of what i've been up to for the past month and a half or so... somehow the photos don't do it justice, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of my sweat and toil.

in other news, i will be in boston for the summer! come visit and i'll actually have time to entertain you!
some general goals for the sunny days to come:

1) review my leed knowledge, which has lain dormant for...almost 2 years??
2) explore the nooks and crannies of boston
3) find the best brunch
4) really use my kitchen
5) learn to play the guitar
6) learn to sail
7) actually exercise in some fashion (preferably through dance or runs along the river)
8) take weekend camping/hiking trips
9) learn spanish
10) design something cool in masonry
11) work on a revamped portfolio...and perhaps a website
12) help my mom renovate the house...or at least pick out paint colors
13) visit people!

ambitious? perhaps. ah well, i'm still looking forward to a summer that will most definitely be more relaxing than this past year. a reflection on the year to come...once i gather my thoughts. or, once i find my thoughts after they've scattered.

listening to music whose lyrics i don't understand, strolling leisurely through boston, getting turned down by cab drivers

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