16 May 2009

my so-called disfunctional family

now that it's nearing the end of the term, it's sort of hard to believe our first year of architecture school is coming to a close. we pulled through, and as a class of 24, it's pretty remarkable and crazy how well we've gotten to know each other. sure, there are still people who i don't know as well as others, but we've come to a point when, after spending almost 24/7 together, we've come to know everyone's little (and big) idiosyncrasies, habits, and moods.

i can recognize people's sneezes.

everyone plays a different role in our mini level 1 world and has their signature line or even accent (thanks to nadya + ann, people now speak in a pseudo-eastern european/russian accent that no one can really identify). we've got inside jokes like:

"i just keeee-ding!"
"this kind of thing" (said w/ a korean accent - no, we don't do racial profiling, just an international class)
"bless you!"
"never working, always sleeping" and other variations (german accent)
and more

and we know when people are sick, when people have or haven't been in studio, which visitors come, etc. i guess it's a mix of people caring and being nosy busy-bodies, but hey, how could you not notice some things? and in general, it's a nice thing to have friends who value each other's presence.

anyways, i didn't mean for this to be too sentimental, but it made me smile to think about the new family :)

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