06 May 2009

sweet soul music

with one week until our final studio review, stress is running high and freak out moments are becoming more frequent. so after yesterday's penultimate review, what do i do? i take the natural course of action.

i went to a concert on a school night.

most of my friends thought i was crazy when i asked them to come with me, but hey, it's not everyday that one of your friends from college comes up to the area to perform after releasing a new album. this is blair bodine, fellow proud ambler native, and if you haven't heard of her, you should check out her website or myspace page.

it's been a while since i've seen her - probably since college, actually - but through mutual friends and snippets of conversation i've at least been aware of what's been going on. she performed with the ny songwriter's circle at johnny d's in davis square, a restaurant/bar venue with live music. so, for a mere $10, i got to hear five great performers (all guitarists), catch up briefly w/ a friend, and relax. and have chocolate chip bread pudding. i can't argue with that.

the night was a lot of fun and reminded me of how great live music - especially acoustic - can be. the format of the night was a sort of round robin, where the 5 songwriters each played a song one after the other and repeated this in 3 rounds. some of the songs were hilarious, others more soulful. i don't have clips from the actual performances, but here are a couple below from blair and another guy, john schmitt. i also really liked zach hurd, who you can find on myspace.

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