30 May 2009

a good and faithful servant

it was this sort of day.

from saturday:

dear mitzie,

the sun's beams flit through passing clouds in the sky. it's a beautiful day. i think you would have reveled in it as much as we are now, although it probably doesn't compare to the magnificence of a heavenly landscape that you're now free to enjoy. i'm actually glad for today's memorial service, not because you're no longer with us, but because it's given those of us who've been touched by you to come together and share fond memories. it's been years, even decades since i've seen some of these old faces, but so many came from far away to celebrate your life and how good God has been. to think, a caucasian woman spending virtually her entire adult life serving a chinese immigrant community - that takes a different kind of love.

mitzie, you were like a grandmother and old friend to me. i sadly don't quite remember the last time i saw you, but you were always a stalwart mainstay at ccc+c, someone who held up the church and community through your service and deep faith. and there were so many times when i climbed on that thousand-times-painted horse or whirled on the merry-go-round (both no longer there), both part of the playground you established as a safe place for us to play and fellowship.

i hope to become even a fraction of the woman of God you were. i'll see you in due time.

- e