09 May 2009

care in a box

in the past couple weeks, i've gotten quite a few cardboard surprises in the mail - fun and exciting! there's nothing quite like receiving physical mail, whether a package or a letter. my mom has been one of the most notable to send packages, mostly food shipped overnight. yes, this is possible if you use ice packs (in the form of frozen chinese soups)! it makes my friends jealous...and yes, i'm spoiled, but in a good way :) it's one of the most tangible ways my mom shows she cares, and she sends me cute emails ahead of time letting me know the contents of the box and that the rest of the space is filled with love :D

i also got another package of awesomeness from joy, a prospective student who stayed w/ me during the open house. although she won't be coming to mit, she insisted on sending something as a thank you. i wasn't sure what it would be...but, as a knowing fellow architect, she sent the best thing possible: snacks, and healthy ones at that. very good judgment!

and while i'm at it, thanks to alice and megs, who also sent me things last semester - my studio mates enjoyed alice's cookies, while i've enjoyed the tie-dyed shirts megs, ay and i made before i came to school.

anyways...just the little connections to the outside world that sustain you in tough times. pressing on...

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