14 July 2010

[HK 31] : The big question

... is, do I want to live in Hong Kong?  Come back here after I graduate?

People keep asking me this one question, and I find it hard to answer.  Initially, I said I needed more time to think about it, but now it's been about 5 weeks since living here and I still am at a bit of a loss for a response.  I've gotten more used to the life here and now have a bit of a rhythm going.  Work is pretty interesting (albeit tiring) and my Chinese is getting better.  I enjoy the food and discovering new places...

But at the same time, I'm not sure this is where I'm supposed to be.  HK still has that feeling of being familiar yet foreign.  Actually, it's me who feels foreign, rather than the other way around.  I still have the sense that I'm looking into this world with a lens that is distinctly "other."  I do think it is possible for me to live here, as I already am doing so.  But...do I want to?  And would I feel a part of the place?  I'm not sure.

Ask me again in August.


  1. I forgot to mention I have a friend who moved to HK in March to live for a year. She was having a hard time finding the right job here, so she's living there now. :) She enjoys it. :)

  2. Oh good to hear :) Yes, I think I'm learning to enjoy it more and more - not just the shopping and food, but also just living. If only my Chinese were better, though...