12 April 2010

Putting on my best smile

Diana was my lunch partner and a good sport for coming out to Porter Square with me. But who can resist chicken katsu curry (hers), pork katsu don (mine), and interviews with strangers?

My second visit to Porter for spontaneous interviews for this documentary was fruitful, although still nerve-wracking. I don't typically have a problem talking to people. I also typically don't have issues with talking to strangers, either - but within planned settings (i.e. networking sessions) or for casual inquiry (i.e. "Where's the bathroom?" or "Do you know where the FedEx is?"). But approaching people and asking them if I can point a camera at their faces and ask questions... well, to be honest it's still a definite challenge. So I smile a lot - and I mean, a lot. What can be more disarming than a small Asian girl with a big smile?

I was at least prepared for the various answers and had 3 methods of recording our conversations: camcorder, audio recorder, or good ol' pen and paper. It made for an interesting juggle as I switched from one medium to the others, but in all I got to speak with some veterans of Porter Square Exchange, newcomers, and in between.

Next step (aka my "burning the midnight oil" activity): putting together some sort of a cohesive draft film to show my class later today. Progress awaits...

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