21 April 2010

Marathon madness

What awesome weather on Monday for the Boston Marathon 2010! This is the first time I've gone out to see it, despite having a good friend run it last year (sorry, Bri). When I heard from Steph that she was going to see Zak run (both friends from our undergrad Christian Fellowship, InterVarsity), I figured I needed to seize the moment before it slipped through the fingers of busyness once again.

And what a sight it was! I might try to upload some of the video clips I took, since it was not only the sight of runners streaming by in front of me, but also the boisterous crowds lining the streets cheering and ringing noise makers. Just the atmosphere itself was electric with excitement, littered with "Go Bill!" or "Get 'em, Minnie Mouse!" (yes, some of the runners wore costumes). It was just amazing to see so many Bostonians out and encouraging one another.

So I figured that seeing Zak (#2344) would be a total crap shoot, but I tried for it anyways - and succeeded! Win!

Yes, he is in the red circle in the photo. After evaluating my photos afterwards, I thought, "oh...fail," but really, it was just cool to see someone I knew run by and be able to cheer super loudly for him personally. I actually wasn't close enough to the fence to see down the street, so I had asked a tall guy next to me to let me know if he saw a runner in bright orange shorts coming. I should have given him a tip for being a great informant.

Afterward, navigating the crowd was pure insanity. Every sidewalk was crammed full of people trying to move in both directions at once, and just crossing the street took several detours around blocked streets. I did get to walk past the finish line and see the runners, who before then were giving their all towards the finish line, walking at a s...l...o...w pace. 26.2 miles really wears on your body big time, so I didn't blame them. There were tables of Gatorade, water, and these heat shields as part of the wind down procession:

Eventually I made it to the family meet up area under "R" and found these people:

He ran a good race, even with a cold and blistered feet. Big respect and Columbia pride :)

Am I inspired to follow in his footsteps and run a marathon myself? Well....give me many years to warm up to that idea.

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