06 April 2010

The bearable lightness of bricks

via Mallory

Vault 201 soars! I just got these photos from Mallory, who went down with Lara to decenter (aka remove the formwork) the vault at the Cooper-Hewitt. I couldn't help but cheer when I saw these images - she flies so beautifully! (Yes, I am talking about bricks and mortar.)

It's hard to believe that an entire year ago, we were just conceiving of this project. There were just four of us on the team at that time, and what we had originally designed was perhaps a more modest thing than what was actually built. Throughout the entire process, we zoomed up in scope, had our ambitions crash (literally) to the ground, and then went back to the drawing board several times before this form came through. It's simpler but in some ways, more elegant than before. And, the vault is impeccably clean!

Now the team numbers 7, plus additional members who graciously jumped on the bandwagon for last minute bricklaying over spring break. I look at this and feel just...really proud and happy.

The Design Triennial, "Why Design Now?", opens at the Cooper-Hewitt on May 14. Hopefully some of us will be able to head down for the opening reception, but in any rate, the vault will be there - standing tall - for 8 months. Can't wait!

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