25 April 2010

Life's faithful soundtrack

Certain songs have been popping up repeatedly in various contexts lately, and they each are speaking directly to where I am now. Music has a way of doing that - little glimpses that clue into His immense faithfulness.

This one in particular has come up, both as a tangential video viewed and during UCO praise night:

...along with others in the current playlist:
"Beautiful Things" - Gungor
"Gratitude" - Nicole Nordeman
"You're Beautiful" - Phil Wickham
"Revelation Song" - Gateway Worship

So even though I spilled coffee over myself on the bus, have a crick in my neck from sleeping fitfully on an early train, and am still unsure as to how these next few days will pan out... Still, I'm thankfully wearing brown (and not white, which was my alternative) and feel that yes, God's good. And the support of praying friends, kind words, and a non-so-morning friend willing to see the sunrise to drive me to the train station, are all testaments to faithfulness.

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