20 April 2010

The graphic designer's new best friend

As a typeface lover and one who agonizes over what font will make my presentation boards/portfolio/poster look the best, this is a hilarious way to make decisions. (Click the graphic to view a larger version.) I followed some of the flowchart and just laughed at what I came across, like:

"Do people find you boring from time to time?" >> Times


"Are you alone?" "Follow me..." >> Comic Sans [one that I really can't stand]

There were also some paths and ultimate typeface choices that surprised me as well. Maybe I have a thing or two to learn after all, or maybe this chart just exposes how subjective font choice really can be.


  1. I love this. Picking fonts is one of my least and most favorite things to do. I still wish I had maybe bought a nice font for our wedding. But I'm cheap and lazy. And had deadlines.

    I hate Comic Sans. Seeing it makes something inside me curl up and die. It should not have ever been created.

  2. haha somehow i actually really love picking fonts...but it also happens to be a huge time sink.

    btw, join with your fellow comic sans haters: http://bancomicsans.com/main/

    the guy who designed it also did trebuchet - slightly better, although i still am not a huge fan.