07 April 2010

First job surprise

Filling out summer job documentation means digging back through the past to see...what did I even do as one of my first jobs? One of the most fun ones I had was working for Inside New York, that ubiquitous guidebook to NYC that every freshman at Columbia (and some other random schools and law firms) gets during orientation. I usually don't reference it anymore, but I made note of it today and happened across the website for the first time in years.

And to my pleasant surprise, the site is looking really good! The guidebook in the past was purely a printed resource, with an inquiries-only, minimal website with no content. Since then (gosh, has it really been 5 years?), the student staff has really hauled out to make an actively-updated website with all the reviews right there, with changing content and a blog.

It's cool how you return to your old roots and see how things have grown.

Any other first job stories?


  1. I believe you passed on the info for that job to me, but they already filled the graphic design slot so I got to review a couple restaurants for them that summer! It was great :)

  2. I remember taking credit card sized subway maps out of them during NSOP packet stuffing. Puahahah!

  3. @steph: Restaurant reviewers have it made :) Which ones did you do?

    @alice: Thief! I could actually use one of those cards right now...