14 February 2009

pasta for the rest of your life?

i have nothing against pasta...here, from giacomo's in the north end

one of my favorite newsletters is the food section, with loads of tidbits on food things in the world. it occasionally makes me sad because it's based in nyc and i'm now 4 hours away from sampling any restaurant or attending any food event they might mention, but at least i have the pleasure of reading about them on occasion.

one article in this week's edition caught my eye this time around. apparently some italian cities are banning foreign foods in their city centers, which seems completely close-minded. homogenized palates? what if the U.S. did the same thing? we'd be left with...maybe burgers but no fries. maybe chicken but no teriyaki. no rice and definitely no sushi.

on another note but related tangent, my friends and i were debating about the best asian cuisines. the non-asians ranked chinese food at the bottom of their lists, which made those of us with origins in the mainland indignant. american chinese food like chow mein and general tso's chicken have tainted them! so far from the truth. we'll have to cook for them to prove them wrong.

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