18 February 2009

food blogging central

one of the things near and dear to my heart is food (and if you know me, you will know this to be the case). not to be a gourmand, but i just very much enjoy the subject, not simply just the act of eating in itself. i've grown out of most of my culinary pickiness, so i will willingly tolerate food from la verdes (aka "across the street," our student center). however, i always appreciate the good/interesting/new stuff and have my eyes peeled for new restaurants, different cuisines, and cool food photography/writing. hence food blogs and books being some of my reading materials of choice.

anyways, long intro short, the times uk compiled a list of the 50 best food blogs. i've read two of them (the food section and chocolate & zucchini), but no matter. such a great source of procrastination! (as if i need another one!)

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