06 February 2009

from across the pond

post-it mosaic map of boston at the book release party.
designed by charles (fellow columbian @ mit), photo by e.howeler

it's the first friday night of the semester, and a good opportunity to unwind a bit. after a fun dinner at four burgers, one of my comfort places in central square (albeit $$), a few of us went to the pink comma in the south end for meejin's book release party. this place is the only gallery in boston devoted to architectural work, which is cool but also sort of sad in its singularity. eventually boston will catch up in the cultural department. the gathering was hopping, but after checking out the book, saying hi to friends and professors, and meeting some guys from the fabrication end of the design process, i was ready to turn in.

so here i am, in my pjs, shuffling through the paper detritus that always follows the first week of school. i checked out one of my favorite blogs, belonging to my brother and sil*, and remembered good times over new year's when i got to visit them in their new home. i haven't photoshopped anything yet, but here's a glimpse of a great visit in january:

fine afternoon tea w/ jeanie and jenny @ fortnum and mason. we concluded afterwards that pale green must be the theme color of bourgeois london.

this is our slightly creepy but fun lo-yuh family photo, as we huddled to stay warm pre-fireworks.

happy (belated) new year!

lunchtime in windsor and mom's already tired...(or is she?)

this photo deserves to be big. my mom recently has FINALLY started using digital cameras and took this one at windsor castle. i'm very proud of her!

i don't exactly remember why i took this photo...probably because i thought my dad looked funny wearing my brother's hat. in any rate, a classic dad/son moment.

what architecture student can go to london w/o seeing modern architectural highlights? i dragged my family through the empty streets of the financial area to see foster's swiss re tower. after seeing that and rogers' lloyd building nearby, i was satisfied.

on a visit to bulstrode, where jenny's missions organization is headquartered, this display caught my eye. oh how parsnips and carrots can be cute.

not simply tissues. man tissues. (they are huge.) but still strong enough for women, too.

such good times :] and after looking through these photos, it made me thank God yet again to have such awesome siblings and parents, standing by each other through thick and thin. i miss them...both the los in philly and in the uk.

general mood: sort of tired but okay

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  1. very nice! i'm sure you have more pictures! miss you too. pls pray for abe today.