04 February 2009

all in the same boat...almost

time to put aside the flip flops and put on the running shoes again...

so the first day came and went, and although we didn't get the mountains of work i had anticipated, we still got our fair share of hills and minor peaks. this semester we have 4 required classes instead of the 5 from the fall:

1. building technology (structures)
2. a history/theory class on contemporary architecture
3. design studio
4. design skills II (3d modeling, etc.)

and in those 4 classes, i have the same 23 other classmates, +/-10 for those classes shared w/ the undergrad seniors or the 1st year level 2 students (aka w/ advanced standing). but because level 1's all typically have the same schedule, that's why everyone thought it was so odd when i couldn't go to dinner because of another class. elective!

the surprise on people's faces was pretty comical, but hey - i'm attempting to take something that isn't required, but that is generally interesting to me. and i look like a weirdo. or an overachiever. or both. (i'm hopefully not either.) oh well. it's just half a semester, so hopefully it won't be too taxing. i also have a follow up class for el salvador - also low key.

in studio realm, meejin told us that this semester would be "a series of really fast sprints, and then a long run." looks like we'll be getting plenty of exercise...

general mood: starting to get sleepy, but still somewhat enthused for the semester

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