12 May 2010

The vault made public

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The long-anticipated day will arrive this coming Friday! The Cooper-Hewitt’s “Why Design Now?” Triennial exhibition will open to the public at 10am on May 14th. The show runs until January 9, 2011, so there’s plenty of time to make your way over to the museum and see what has been 13 months in the making. If you're in NYC or head over to that area, please check it out! You won't be able to miss it - you have to walk underneath to move through the exhibition :)

It’s hard to believe how far the vault project has gone since its original inception last year. If we had gone ahead with our first instincts, we would have simply replicated existing structural forms in bricks instead of thin shell concrete. Instead, we dove into design and structural experimentation, expanded the team from 2 to 4 to 7, and now to 12 including the building team… And now, we get to see our baby live - in 3D - and out in public. In some ways, I feel I’m anticipating it even more because I wasn’t able to actually build this one over our spring break. How satisfying will it be to see the fruit of our labor, and to be able to tell others that they, too, can share in it!

A good portion of the team will be heading down to New York for a special opening reception on Thursday, before the exhibition opens to the public on Friday. Can’t wait! It comes at a difficult time at the end of the semester, but at least it'll be well worth it.

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