28 May 2010

New features

I've been playing around with some of the formatting on this blog, and realized (perhaps belatedly) that Blogger now has a feature, similar to Wordpress, that allows for multiple pages within a blog site. At last!

So my first official page (seen in the top nav bar) is a quick guide to New York City, compiled from recommendations I've made to friends, personal experience, and my own lengthy list of things to do. As a list queen, I have one of books I'm reading, places to eat in various cities, and things to do in each of them as well. Since this summer one of my goals is to keep this blog updated somewhat frequently, I'll try to get my other lists up there soon, for Boston and Philly at least as my most occasioned stomping grounds. The commenting feature doesn't quite work at the moment, but hopefully I'll figure something out or tweak the HTML to do so.

The blog banner is taken from a photo I took while on the Boston grad Fall retreat last October. I was looking for one featuring my red Saucony's, which seem to be a signature piece of me. Sad will be the day when I have to retire them... but hopefully I'll be able to find replacements down the line.

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