28 May 2010

Finally, a guide to my kind of school

via Architect magazine

Staple resources like the US World and News Report's school evaluations often omit architecture, which was frustrating to me when applying for colleges. What, architecture isn't a big enough discipline to talk about nationally, when we have our own schools and - very often - buildings on campuses around the country?

In any rate (I'm really not that indignant), the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (or the simpler ACSA) has compiled a guide to architecture schools, which is too late for me but a good resource for other budding designers caught between the arts, sciences, and engineering. Other resources include Design Intelligence's survey of schools (for a fee) and this informal guide posted by Architect magazine on their website.

If I were to go back and decide where to go for school, would I have chosen MIT? Dangerous question... I didn't put this truly to the test, but in general I've learned a lot here so far and still have much to go on in my next 1.5 years. More reflections on the semester to come...

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