17 August 2010

[HK 39] : Readerly respect

Bookstores in general are one of my favorite places to be, whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere.  And of the things I brought back from the summer, they generally fall into these main categories:
  • clothes
  • food
  • books and stationary
Although I prefer small local bookshops to corporate conglomerates, the largest bookstore chain in HK - Page One - gets huge props from me for having an excellent selection of both English and Chinese books, as well as a very sizable art and architecture section.  They also seem to have a deep respect for the books themselves:

Yes, this book is neatly wrapped in plastic - so nice!  On the shelf, there was usually one browsing copy, with the rest wrapped and ensured to be in great condition for purchase.  I'm not sure if this is a remnant from the SARS days and ultra sanitation, but whatever it is, I'm glad for this small gesture of attention.

Now, if only I could get Isaac to pay the same respect to books instead of deciding to eat them...

1 comment:

  1. Good for the books, but my inner environmentalist cringes a bit :-P