05 August 2010

[HK 38] : Con te partiro

Signs of leaving:

1) Team "yum cha" aka dimsum

... entails ordering massive amounts of food to feed our mainly-male team of hungering colleagues.  (Or, ordering foods that Karly likes to eat!)

2) Sweets galore

... in the form of cakes, courtesy of nearby Prince Bakery.  I suppose it's a bit of a tradition for people who are leaving to treat the rest of the team to sweets, which I thought was a fun idea so I brought in a box of chocolates, too.

3) Sing K, aka karaoke

("Sing K" is a direct translation from Chinese and can be used in non grammatically correct situations, with the excuse that you're speaking Hong Kong English.)  A few brave souls spent 4 hours singing and playing Wii.  I only got there for the last 2.5 hours, but managed to squeeze in my English songs plus token Chinese song amidst the Cantopop ballads.  Note to self: avoid "Single Ladies" (because I can't be Jordan) and go for the more soulful tunes like "Bleeding Love" as crowd pleasers.  (Thank goodness I also managed to avoid singing Lady Gaga...  would not have been a pretty sight nor sound.)

4) Lounging and having extended "last" conversations

...which do not signal the last coffees, nor the last time to see each other!  This was my first and only time at Pacific Coffee, a HK shop akin to Starbucks but with more flavored coffees.  (I tried the hazelnut cappuccino - a bit too sweet, but not bad.)  Cup sleeves have proved to be great canvases, and good objects of conversation with good friends made.

5) Late nights spent packing...

... as proved by the timestamp of this post.  Good bye and hello!

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