10 August 2010

Baby proofing

My recent homecoming pales in comparison to the recent arrival of my brother, sister in law, and nephew, who have been away in England for the past 2 years (well, Isaac I guess only 9 months) and have just returned shortly before I arrived.  The last time I saw the little guy above (the top one, not the one below) was when he was 3 months old, so in that short period of time he's grown so big!  He's much more expressive now and also more energetic, so we get tired out from running after him as he crawls or struggles to squirm away during diaper changes.  I've also learned that I have to be a bit less vain about my wardrobe, since whatever I wear ends up getting covered in drool and mashed up food.

Ah well, best to be humble anyways.


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  2. haha, steve and i were at a crabfeast this past weekend and watched a 9 month old "eat" ice cream (basically she threw her face, hands, whatever she could at the dove ice cream bar her mom was holding) and then smashed her hands, now covered with ice cream, against her face. her mom, in the meantime, was trying to talk to another mom and it was quite impressive (but also kinda funny) watching her keep her daughter from rubbing her hands/face, etc... all over her shirt while she was talking. the dad on the other hand had food all over his shirt :P i guess it just comes with the joys of parenting :)

  3. Haha yes... messiness is definitely unavoidable! I've only just gotten used to the insurmountable quantity of drool that ends up on furniture, on my clothes, on food, on hands, on the floor... just about anywhere that is within reach of the Saac-ster.