29 December 2009

Quotes : A readable feast

"Read voraciously, many books at a time. Only then will you hear the conversation taking place among them."

"The best library contains both books you have read, and books you have not. The latter should grow in proportion as the library expands. A working library is as much a place for the possible as it is a record of the past."
From "Ways of Reading," a post thanks to A Working Library blog

This is what is happening to me, slowly but surely. My room at school doesn't feel its affects, since transporting books is a pain for me, although my shelves at home still welcome new volumes among their ranks every few months. Library book sales, street-side book tables, flea markets...all are places where I fall victim to twitchy reader's fingers. Sometimes I just have to say "No!", although inside I'm sad to say so. Alas.

During school, I still try to read something for fun despite the craziness of classes, extracurriculars, etc. (That and daily Bible devotions are some of the ways in which I keep sane.) My strategy for finding guaranteed time: read while brushing my teeth. It seems weird (and potentially splashy), but hey - this is how I got through a Ben Franklin biography this semester and a poignant memoir on marriage and faith last semester. Now that it's technically break...it's time to stop "moon lighting" and start reading in daylight again.


  1. My favorite (and Ryan's too) of that set of quotations is this one - "Every book alights a path to other books. Follow these paths as far as you can. This is how you build a library. "

    We'll definitely let you know if there's another library book sale here - we made out like bandits at the last one, so we should share the wealth :)

  2. I used to think I didn't have time to read but I find that I can squeeze in books while I'm brushing my teeth. Thanks for offering to help with a header graphic. It'd be awesome if you have time! Lets talk.