26 December 2009

Jolly Christmas

Celebrating the birth of our saviour* with the Lo's, coming from near (Ambler, PA), far (Gerrard's Cross, UK), and in between (Cambridge, MA)! Somehow it seems fitting that this day started long ago with the birth of a holy infant, especially now as another infant is in our midst as well - albeit a hiccuping, wholly human one who gurgles in our laps and needs nappy changes.

So many gifts that cannot be wrapped or packaged.

Jolly, merry Christmas, remembering Emmanuel. Although it's far from a silent night with family and friends running in and out, it's still a holy one.

* added the extra "u" as a tribute to our pseudo-British folks


  1. merry christmas emily! by the time you read this, it'll be post-christmas, but may joy reign in your heart all year long! love & miss you. so happy to see a complete family picture.

  2. thanks jen! hope you, eric, and the fam had a good Christmas as well :) it's been so nice to have all the lo's around!

    - em