09 December 2009

MIT's version of a holiday season

Seeing these wreaths go up in the Building 7 lobby brought these words to mind:
Haul out the holly *
put up the tree before my spirits fall again.
Fill up the stocking!
We might be rushing things but deck the halls again now...
(Oh memories of high school musicals...just thought I'd share a variety of renditions out there, in varying degrees of cheesiness.)

Anyways, I should be sleeping now, but after:
  • drawing/modeling/editing/processing enough for 120 square feet of drawings
  • sleeping an average of 3.5ish hours a night for the past week
  • making wake up calls and receiving them (since we no longer hear our alarms)
  • generally being reclusive
...studio for Fall 2009 is over! Although people have mixed feelings about it, I liked the project we worked on, although I'm still glad to have a little piece of life and sleep back. Just about our entire studio came out for dinner and drinks afterwards, and seeing everyone smiling and laughing together - and almost fall asleep at the table - made me glad.

But it's still a reality that the holiday season here at MIT means final projects and ramped up intensity. We've already had snow and hear Christmas music waffling through the corridors, although work still calls - in a loud voice too. Three more project/papers stand between me and end of the semester festivities, which include a trip to see the Nutcracker (so excited), celebrating various studio birthdays, and a possible trip to New York before seeing the family - and my nephew!

Even so, everyone needs a study break every once in a while (now that I can afford one). Peppermint mochas and caroling, anyone?

* I just found this semi- Celtic instrumental rendition of the song on Youtube and after checking out their website, thought it was great that this flute/piano duo features a photo of the flautist's myriad of flutes. (Slight twinge of jealousy.)

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