29 November 2010

Playing dress up in the big league

The way my studio project is going, I might as well make use of these :

Maybe they will help me to see things extremely far away*, like utopian visions of massive housing projects overtaking the world's cities.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's likely you need to see the world through the eyes of an architect, albeit a visionary one in love with massive concrete structure like Le CorbusierOne blogger thinks, like me, that parts of Hong Kong have already taken Corbu's advice to heart.  Perhaps I'm only, then, continuing the tradition.

Here's an illustration of Corbu's ideas about the "natural evolution" of cities towards his massive urban planning ideals (circa 1935) :

Good bye, small scaled urban fabric.  Hello, monumentality.

More elaboration soon...

Update: Can't make it to see Le Corbusier's work in person? See it online at Artsy, a virtual gallery of his work.

* (Thankfully, I still only need to wear my real glasses when needing to see things far away - for now, that is.)

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  1. i remember the first time i flew into beijing ... i was like, wow, this is corbusier, in life. the cross-shaped residential towers, elevated highways ... everything.