07 September 2010

[HK 40] : Shake shake shake...

This retroactive post is in honor of a certain Miss L, who has a certain penchant for Mr. McD that we make fun of.  She would very much enjoy this HK-based snack (photos of which I found while rummaging through my summer archive), which even made me crave fast food - mmm crispy deliciousness.

1. Look at the bag and savor the flavor party in store.  (Sadly enough, shake shake fries aren't to be found in the States.)

2. Read the instructions.  It's a complicated process.

3. Defy the instructions.  Based on insider information (aka Liana), it's best to add the seasoning first.  Seaweed was definitely my favorite.

4. After pouring in the seasoning, dump freshly made fries into bag.

5. (not pictured for obvious reasons) Shake...shake...shake!

6. Take a look to make sure the seasoning has been distributed evenly across all well-greased surfaces.

7. Enjoy.

- - -

I had wanted to use similar graphics like in step #2 for the shaved ice socials, but didn't have enough time to do so.  Perhaps by Thursday...

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