28 March 2010

Japan = mono sugoi

mono sugoi = wicked awesome, as defined by R.Okiomah

Arigato, Runo, for introducing this phrase into my life and saying it at least once a day this entire week :D I'm beat from traveling back in time (left at 4:30 pm, arrived at 3:45 pm...say what?), but I offer this one blurry image of the major intersection at Shibuya, exemplifying the lights and swarms that is Tokyo - our final stop before heading back to the States.

The days have rushed by, so I'm trying to digest it one bit at a time before further updates. From quiet rice fields to rushing crowds, it's definitely been a week of extremes strung together by the constant presence of our beloved (yet occasionally cumbersome) posse of MIT and Keio students. (also known as "the Collective," not to be confused with the Borg)

The trip was only 7 days, but bursting at the seams with fun, chaos, translations (and lost translations), convenience stores, following (or not following) the leader, bowing, "sumi masen"-ing, pretending to understand Japanese, and perpetual train stations.

Moto soon _

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