24 February 2010

Food lessons from Food52

I just recently discovered the Food52 project, started by 2 professional women who love to cook and write about cooking and food. Their site is unique, not because it collects recipes uploaded by members of the community (which allrecipes.com and other recipes do as well), but it has a focus on good food and cooking as a way to bring the local and sustainable (not to mention healthy and fun) back to the table. There are also features and blog posts... And it was started by a cookbook project, which is a mountain of an endeavor but an intriguing one as well (in the spirit of Julia Child and Julie, her contemporary namesake of note).

I also just really like their food photography - such simplicity in the vibrant color and play of light in just a snapshot of raw ingredients. If these look this good, then imagine how delish the end result must be... !

The creators' "About" pages have a clever profile model, which I decided to fill out for myself below. If you feel inclined, share your own (food related or not) profile, too - I'm a fan of learning random things about people.
  • Flavor: lemon verbena
  • Tool: chopsticks or hand grinder (outside the kitchen, of course)
  • Apron: no
  • Desert island meal: baguette, goat cheese, pomegranates and mint iced tea
  • Would like to have dinner with: C.S. Lewis
  • Doesn’t like: pickles (from cucumbers) or ketchup
  • Kitchen store: (I'll respond with my favorite bookstores) The Strand in NYC or Joseph Fox Bookshop on Sansom St. in Philly
  • Place: I have yet to really find one in Boston/Cambridge, although Newbury St., Toscanini's, and the Isabella Gardner Museum are great staple spots.
  • Book: food related: My Life in France (J.Child)
    non-food related: P&P (J.Austen), The Phantom Tollbooth (N.Juster), among others


  1. # Flavor: bergamot (namely earl grey)
    # Tool: tongs (hehehe) and a tea strainer
    # Apron: yes please!
    # Desert island meal: scones, lemon curd, clotted cream, and tea for flavor, baguette and fish chowder for substance
    # Would like to have dinner with: Dorothy L Sayers, Jane Austen, Wendell Berry, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, (excellent choice, by the way), my husband :)
    # Doesn’t like:
    # Kitchen store: Fish's Eddy
    # Place: The Morgan Library, The Cloisters (...and all of those are in New York. Sheesh)
    # Book: many

  2. ... well, I felt guilty leaving the book question like that, so let me give a few

    Food: The Book of Tea, American Table, The Story of Tea, Tea in the City (London & New York), Lobscouse (whoa, I spelt that right on the first try) and Spotted Dog

    Favorites: Seen here