22 February 2010

Mini recap

Yes, I am alive. I just recently returned to normal life programming, after the planning marathon called the Veritas Forum concluded last night with a great turnout (+700 people over 2 nights) and many willing and helping hands to make it run smoothly. But with that and everything else that's been going on since I got back to Cambridge for IAP... there's been little down time to update this sad blog. So, a recap in images:

From last semester : the size of one of my drawings was 10 ft. long (and I had 2 of them.)

09.Jan : Zach and Gloria got married at last! I unfortunately don't have photos from that, since I was in the wedding band and too busy holding my flute... so there were other designated photographers. I also turned 2.718... I mean, 25+1. (Delicious ice cream cake was courtesy of loving MIT friends, of course.)

IAP 2010 : The MIT MRG (Masonry Research Group) built a prototype vault in preparation for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum installation in March. I sadly wasn't there for the testing nor the ultimate (intentional) destruction, but it was certainly a big feat for us, from computational design to a crashing finish. It ended on the ground because we were conducting structural tests to failure. Vault win! See our project blog for more info. The project will be featured in the Smithsonian magazine.

22-24.Jan : Spent 3 short days in the Emerald City with two fellow Ozzian explorers. We came, we saw, we conquered. After watching the fabulously Wicked musical, we walked through 2 boroughs, making periodic pit stops to see well-missed friends and eat. And eat. Those macarons from Bouchon bakery were just the tip of the iceberg. Boston's fooding venues just don't hold a candle to the mountains of places (especially cupcake bakeries) to be found in the City. NYC and friends, how I miss thee.

29.Jan : Brunch at Paramount with two lovely ladies (Reemer as the photographer). Oh my favorite meal of the day... and the wait was really not that long at all!

19-20.Feb : The MIT Veritas Forum asked the little-posed question, "What is (true) Freedom?", examined from scientific, social, and spiritual standpoints. It kicked off with an event for the neuroscientists and psychologists in each of us, with questions about the brain, our freedom to make choices, and what it means for human morality. The second night, we heard a powerful testimony of enslavement and redemption. Planning the Forum took over much of my life, but I'm thankful for what I've learned from the process, from the nights themselves, and from the many people who helped put it together. God is so good :)

Present : This is actually my room a few months back. (Sadly enough, that clear space under the window is no long empty.) But it encapsulates where I am now off to - BED.

- - -

Next update: Studio for this semester, classes, and the focus of Lent.

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