18 April 2009

mit press dock sale

can't resist a sale!

every semester, something delightful happens: books go on sale! these aren't just any books, but ones published by the mit press. located on main street right next to the kendall/mit t-stop, the store opens its doors (and loading dock) to members of the university and then to booksellers and the public, giving us access to its inventory at discount. most of the book prices drop down to under $10, which is such a steal! (my inner bargain-loving asian was delighted!)

the selection ranges from the obscure of obscure to more "mainstream" titles within a discipline. for instance, i grabbed a copy of venturi scott brown's learning from las vegas last semester and this time around found works by aldo rossi and bernard tschumi, all well-known architectural theorists. i had to regulate myself so my wallet wouldn't be too light afterwards, so i set a sort of budget for myself and wanted to only get books i would actually use.

for the most part, this worked. kronenburg, an expert on portable architecture, will help w/ my history-theory paper. tschumi and rossi are good for general architectural knowledge. resisting global toxics will bolster my growing interests in sustainability and international development. but...a book on randomness and the slow food movement? i'm guilty. brian, who was kind enough to tag along w/ me, actually got the schott's for me just because he thought it too hilarious to pass up. (so i DID show restraint!)

there goes another way to procrastinate. but hey, it's intellectual stimulation, which i can live with.

_currently: trying to be productive

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